About Us

Do you believe that a lengthier URL conveys a spammy image to most websites? If so, you're correct; we need the best-shortened URL site where no sites block them. Because there is no need for additional HTML code, short URLs can make your website look more professional. They're also easier to remember, meaning more people will visit your site.

The URL of a website is important since it is frequently the first thing people notice about it. People are more inclined to click on a shorter URL; therefore, making a domain as short as possible is essential.

As a result, Miniurl is here to help you shorten URLs for free.

So why shorten the URL? Shorter URLs are easier to remember. A more concise URL is easier to copy from print sources or any other situation where typing rather than clicking is required. A shorter URL is likely to become a permalink.

The short URL is faster and easier to remember than a long HTTPS link. The advantage of a short URL is that it masks unnecessary information. Twitter and some other services limit character length, so a shortened URL makes sharing easier across any platform.

URL Shortening is not as simple as it looks. When you shorten a URL, you are making a link that links out to a shorter URL. Most URL shorteners do not track where their shortened links are being sent, meaning you don't know where the shortened URL will ultimately end.

Many URL shorteners, like us MiniUrl, offer custom domains. You can use your own domain, such as yourcompany.com, to create shortened links.

The free service at Shortlink delivers a quick, easy and free way to generate a shorter URL for your site. The process for URL shortening is reliable and secure, so you can safely generate a better URL.

Happy Shortening!!!